Grove of the Patriarchs Loop

Grove of the Patriarchs Loop

Hike Details:

Location: Mount Rainier National Park, Cayuse Pass/Stevens Canyon
Length: 1.5 Miles roundtrip
Elevation: 50ft (Highest point 2200ft)

From WTA Website: 


This pleasant, easy hike can be done by folks of all ages, even the wee ones, who will enjoy crossing the suspension bridge over the Ohanapecosh River to a small island of behemoth old-growth trees. It’s easy to feel tiny standing next to one of the massive Douglas-firs, hemlocks or cedars, some nearly 40 feet in diameter and more than 300 feet tall. Follow a wooden boardwalk as it loops through these ancient giants, weaving under their canopy and learning about the life of a forest with an assortment of interpretive signs.