Cabin Policies and Rules

We love hosting guests in beautiful Packwood, but there is always one bad apple that ruins the bunch so we have to ask you to read the abide by this set of house rules. We are not unreasonable folk and have curated this cabin for you and your family to create glowing memories like those of a Hallmark movie, but please understand we are asking for good conduct while you are staying in our cabin.

First, a note on dogs:

We live a very dog friendly lifestyle and offer our cabin to host your furry friends (because what is an outdoor experience without them?!), but we will not be thrilled to clean up after their small or large mistakes -- doggy bags are in the kitchen for your convenience. Also, please no pups allowed on the furniture or bedding and your animal must not be left unattended on the property or must be left in a kennel when you leave. Please understand it is your responsibility to be in control of your animal at all times.

There is a two dog limit with a non-refundable deposit of $50 per animal, due to the extra cleaning from dog hair, etc. that we will need to accomplish after you depart.

You must contact us if you are bringing an animal and provide us with the age, breed, and weight. We respectfully reserve the right to refuse to accept some breeds of dog.

Please understand Elk walk through town all the time, including the yard around the cabin. You should not approach them. Also, a word of warning: if you open the door to bring your dog out to use the restroom at night, you may want to first peek out there to make sure a big ole Elk is not standing in the yard. City dogs sometimes think they should go bark down or chase an Elk, but they are mistaken.

Standard Cancellation Policy

All guest-initiated cancellations are subject to a 4% credit card processing fee.

If you cancel 30+ days prior to your scheduled arrival date, you'll receive a full refund, minus a 4% credit card transaction fee.

If you cancel less than 30 days from your scheduled arrival date, we will refund you in full (minus the 4% credit card transaction fee) if we're able to secure another booking for your cancelled nights.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

With COVID-19 still spreading, we've been in the unfortunate position of having to refund cancellations at the very last minute, with too little notice to secure another reservation. As a small hospitality business, we're neither set up nor qualified to review the legitimacy of COVID-related cancellation and refund requests. For this reason, we will not be issuing refunds for cancellations due to COVID, or other medical or personal matters, for reservations made on or after October 30, 2020. We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance for your own protection in the event that you need to cancel your travel plans.

If there's a WA State mandated stay-at-home order and we're required by law to close, we'll issue a full refund.

Smoke, Road Closure, & Burn Ban Rebooking Policy

If forecasts an average Air Quality Index (AQI) of 150+ for Packwood, 98361 during your stay, we'd be happy to issue a credit to rebook the same cabin for a later date if you contact us prior to check-in.

If there's a WSDOT travel alert that prevents safe travel to Packwood, we'd be happy to issue a credit to rebook the same cabin for a later date if you contact us prior to check-in.

We don't allow refunds or rescheduling due to burn bans.

Hot tub rules:

  • Don’t be gross, rinse off before taking a dunk.

  • No more than 3 people in the hot tub at a time

  • Please no alcohol and definitely no drugs allowed while using the spa – indeed, let’s not bring any illegal drugs into the house at all, please.

  • If you pee in the water, it will turn bright pink and sends a signal to company headquarters alerting us to the improper release. OK, that’s a lie. But it will stink up the water and ruin it for everyone so please just use the restroom.

  • Do not add anything to the water, keeping a hot tub sanitary is a high priority and it is surprisingly difficult. It sometimes takes a chemist to come out and fix the PH in the water after it gets dirty. Additional, fees will apply if we find you added chemicals that disrupted balance of the water (e.g., a bunch of beer or, as discussed, pee). 

  • Use common sense while soaking. You can get hot, dehydrated, etc. Be smart. Also, no sleeping or napping in the hot tub.

  • Please only use the specified towels for the hot tub.

  • No sitting on the shelves that run along the stairwell next to the hottub. The shelves will not support your weight, and you could fall and hurt yourself. No jumping into the hot tub, please. Hard to believe we have to make that a rule, but there it is – please don’t jump into the hot tub because you will hurt yourself and we do not want you to get hurt.

Additional serious stuff:

  • Quiet hours are from 10pm-7am. The cabin is in a town – we have neighbors. If you want to get rowdy after 10 pm go close down the brewery or the bar in town and then walk back to the cabin and sleep it off.

  • Please no smoking of any kind on the premises. In the summer, this is particularly important outside because of the fire danger.

  • All reservations are subject to our cancellation policy.

  • Tenant is expected to complete basic check-out procedures listed in the “Lumberjack Cabins Welcome Book” located in the unit upon your arrival.

Renter acknowledges and agrees in advance to a $600 security/damage fee, which will not be required unless there is damage, missing items, additional cleaning work, or other extraordinary costs. In the event the tenant (or guests of tenant) cause damage to the property, its contents, or any other damage or harm, tenant agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the owners of the property for all damages and costs, including attorneys’ fees.

The maximum number of people that can occupy the cabin is stated in the listing (8 guests), unless other arrangements were confirmed by either the owner or a hospitality supervisor prior to arrival. There is an additional $35 charge per person per night after the 6th guest.*** Occupy means overnight sleepers and extended daytime visitors.

Additional, non-approved, guests will be subject to a $100 fee per night

LINENS/TOWELS/BLANKETS: All linens, towels, throws and blankets are provided and will be counted before the security deposit is returned. Please don’t steal our towels. Do not remove any blankets, throws, sheets, towels or rags from the cabin.

Some cabinets, closets, cupboards, and garage areas are locked and the tenant has not been provided a key/code to them. These are personal storage areas and they are not included in the lease agreement and are, respectfully, off limits to the tenant. Forced entry into any of these areas is cause for immediate termination, and tenant will be charged for any and all damage and/or any missing items.

Owners, hospitality team members and any of their agents are not liable for failures of any equipment, systems, or appliances, as major repair problems that cannot be foreseen. If you find a problem, please alert us immediately and we will do our best to address it. But we can not promise we will be able to handle things immediately and so must ask you to understand that.

All damage to the property during the occupancy will be the tenant’s responsibility and must be reported to either the owner or the hospitality team prior to departure.

Weather can be unpredictable and severe. If the power should go out, we are unable to provide a refund but will happily reschedule you if it comes to that. We will take this scenario on by a case-by-case bases and property management will provide resources to help with a starting a fire if needed for warmth.

The Tenant agrees to fully release and indemnify the owner of the property, and its agents, from all liability from any claims whatsoever, should anyone be injured upon the premises during the stay.

Tenant agrees to indemnify the owner for any damage to the property that occurs during their stay.

If there are problems, the owner and or hospitality team reserve the right to inspect the property during your stay to make sure the property has not been damaged and that no improper conduct is occurring on the property.

Renter agrees that, if any house rules are violated, Landlord has the right to require the renter to vacate property immediately. If that occurs, the renter forfeits all rental funds and security deposit and house rules violation(s) could also incur additional charges as discussed above.

Thank you for abiding by the rules. We want you to have a lot of fun and enjoy Packwood, and its beautiful hiking, fishing, hunting, and skiing activities. Have a great stay!