Silver Falls Loop

Silver Falls Loop

From the WTA website:

Hike Details:

Location: Mount Rainier National Park- Cayuse Pass/Steven Canyon Entrance
Length: 3 miles round trip
Elevation: 600ft (highest point 2300ft)


To Get to the Trail:

At the northeast end of campground Loop B, next to campsite B-2, on a riverbank, right above the Ohanapecosh River. Proceed into the forest on nice wide tread, following the signs for about 0.1 miles, where the Ohanapecosh Hot Springs Trail veers off to the right. 

Continue through deep forest, climb gradually to an overlook of the Ohanapecosh River as it crashes down in a tumbling, vivid-white cataract. The trail begins to switchback down to a bridge over the river, which offers impressive perspective on the waterfall and the river rolling out beneath you. 

Past the bridge, turn left, and follow the trail through grand, open forest with a mossy carpet as it first parallels the river, then turns away from it, wending down through the trees for 1.5 miles from the bridge to the amphitheater at Ohanapecosh. Turn onto the road and hoof it back to the parking area, and the start of your hike.